Visiting Greenpoint Galleries In a Storybook Setting on Beat Nite

Ever notice that the tattoo parlours, donut shops, boutiques and salons of Greenpoint all have these fairytale-like settings, where the ornate entryways and tree-lined blocks look like paths through the woods, leading to a secret place, set back amid the new wave neighborhood venues?

Greenpoint galleries play hide and seek among these storybook settings, tucked into studio buildings and set along the reminiscent streets.

Here, the Greenpoint gallery circuit forms a crawl-worthy path through the North Brooklyn art scene, where traveling installations, pottery studios and poetry readings all reside within the galleries and artist-run spaces. During Beat Nite Greenpoint, Jason Andrew’s latest installment of the semi-annual neighborhood gallery crawl, a bunch of us visited these spaces; it was the October 2016 edition and here is my round up of where we went:

Starting the night at Auxiliary Projects before boarding the Beat Nite bus (All Photos by the author for Art Medium, unless otherwise stated).
From Oasa Duverney’s “Street Cred in Non-Street Places” at Auxiliary Projects.
Meanwhile, at Yashar Gallery, we heard from Kelsey Swetz on her latest painting style and exhibition.
Inside Clay Space 1205 studios.
Color swatches in sculptural form at Clay Space 1205.
Cool character inside Kayrock Screen printing, across the hall from Clay Space.
The group inside Greenpoint Hill, where pieces from the artists of Clay Space are available for sale.
We made it to 67 West Street studios to see Greenpoint Terminal Gallery and Calico.
At Greenpoint Terminal Gallery for “The Ongoing Erosion of Magic”.
Booklyn’s current show: Jesse Chun “Valid From Until” (a poetry reading had just taken place!)
Inside Calico: Amanda Browder: “Chromatic Hi-Five! ELECTRIC TAILGATE”.
Owen James Gallery: Nikki Luna “PLAY GROUND”.


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