A Way Back Into Fine Art: Writing My Own Art History 

“After a period of study and observation” (to quote Swedish curator and arts writer Hans Ulrich Obrist) I’m ready to write and share my observations in the field of art (and sometimes architecture) again.

I had been a studio art and art history major in school, on my way to becoming a graphic designer. I took studio and design courses at University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, the main studio being at Salt Creek artworks. When I was failing at the design courses but excelling in writing art history papers, something told me I should be an art historian and a writer one day. But my dream of moving to New York City and making enough money to actually stay and support myself at a young age, while avoiding the artist’s struggle, kept me on the path toward design. But that was an antiquated way of going about it – to think that artists and writers only struggle.

I figured ‘when I’m older, I’ll go back to school for art history and then become what I’m really meant to be.’ Well now I’m older, and I will need to go back to school for it. And though I’m not at all burnt out on design, I have been exploding with things to say about the contemporary and fine arts scene as well as artist studio events. It’s almost everyday that I am lucky enough to go to a show, an opening or an artist’s talk, always leaving ready to write and share, and I think it’s only going to get bigger from here.

Art Medium. 

The name could mean a few things. It could be a “means” or way of giving an impression about something. It could be short for artist’s medium, the material through which they create. It could respond to the act of being a medium between life and the afterlife, that is somehow related to art, but I’ve never really been into that.

It really is all of these things though: a means, a material, a communication between one time and another. A way to be extra nostalgic. It’s me, Katie, finding a way back and writing my own art history.

Featured image: photo by Sophia Chizuco at Odetta’s “Bauhaus Babies” – work by Ryan Sarah Murphy “Pages” (October 21 – December 11, 2016)

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