Highlights from Exchange Rates II: Artist-Run Spaces & 10 Minute Talks

Susak Press

Exchange Rates II: The Bushwick International Expotook place October 20-23 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In searching the official event listings I was first led to a currency converting page wherein the Euro was the star currency for understandable reasons. Next, at sluice.info I found the duly cosmopolitan line up of artist-run spaces making their way to town all the way from The Netherlands, Berlin, the UK, Philadelphia, California and some closer to home from other parts of New York and New Jersey.

Organized by UK-based Sluice_ and Bushwick-based Theodore:Art and Centotto, these four days of exhibitions were all about artist-run spaces exhibiting their site-specific and collaborative works or performances.

On Saturday and Sunday “10 Minute Talks” with the artists and organizers succinctly brought viewers closer to their stories, travels and inspirations. I attended Sunday’s talks at The Buggy Factory, a restored  19th century horse and carriage barn featuring the following Exchange Rates collaboration: Enrico Gomez’s Dorado Project with Grey Cube Projects (Bogotá, Columbia), 12ø (London) and Proto Gallery (Hoboken, NJ).

  • Christopher Stout discussed the single image that led to his role as artist, curator and gallerist and the character of his curations at Christopher Stout Gallery.
  • Enrico Gomez shared his favored art history books with a memorable quote about how the past and present touch: “the pendulum swings, there is no right or wrong.”
  • Anders Qvist Nielsen, who I had a drink with during “Qwerty”, told us all about the Denmark-based group’s art therapy techniques.
  • Alex Jeronymides-Norie, from Light Eye Mind in London, poeticized his fascination with light and the prism.
  • Andreas Backoefer found himself telling us about Jan Fabre’s The Meeting in Manhattan [not pictured].
  • Paul D’Agostino (co-organizer of Exchange Rates): guess who didn’t mean to chime in on a favored 13th century sonnet by Cecco Angiolieri – in both English and Italian – then did? I have to laugh because of the time Paul didn’t mean to write a “long, sprawling piece about artistic nourishment, then did” and shared it with us all on Facebook.
  • Ben Street, who runs Sluice_ and is an avid art historian, did ten minutes on Philip Guston’s “Pantheon” piece celebrating Italian artists Giotto, Pierro, Tiepolo, Masaccio and de Chirico.


Tiny drawings and paintings weren’t too hard to find at the Art Helix space. Elizabeth Saveri’s oil paintings on plastic bread tags were cooly contrasted with Hernando Velandia’s “ContraResistance” at the Buggy Factory, which also rang a bell with Nick Christie’s metallic monoprints [2nd left-below] and Vane Gallery’s Matthew Smith [2nd right-below] (also at Art Helix).


Color coordinates: Jason Hughs cash collage at Transmitter (hosting IS-Projects, Netherland) painting and pendulum works from Collar (Manchester, England) Gallery North (Newcastle, England) Nic Coviello’s salmon and turquoise mixed media works at BLAM Projects (hosting SAGE Projects, Philadelphia).


Artist run group “Qwerty” were in town from Denmark and exhibited in the Art Helix space.


Ate Gallery
Almighty Faye’s edible works as part of Ate Gallery’s exchange at Theodore:Art.


Saturation Point
From ODETTA’s Flat Files: Deb Covell and Brigitte Parusel of Saturation Point (London).


Exchange Rates
Collages seen at BPF Creative/Temporary Storage, BLAM Projects (with SAGE Projects) and Theodore:Art (with Owen James Gallery)


Featured image at top: Susak Press.

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