Steps From Bushwick Open Studios 2016

I say “steps” in honor of all of the ground covered during Bushwick Open Studios this year.

Held on the first weekend of October, the 10th annual open studio tradition had a different feel this year. I have to say, it was both darker and lighter: the October cold weighed in over the industrial East Williamsburg and Bushwick zones, resulting in lighter crowds due to the date change. Despite it all, I was ready for the BOS madness.

Here is all that my tie-dye stitch sneakers and camera phone let me cover, from 1040 Metropolitan Avenue in East Williamsburg to 44 Stewart Street over behind the dump, and to 17-17 Troutman out in Ridgewood.


Carolina Arevalo, 44 Strewart Ave.


Carolina Arevalo at 44 Strewart Ave.
Sonomi Kobayashi at 44 Stewart Ave.
Gordon Fearey at 17-17 Troutman
Patrick Duffy at 56 Bogart
Jonathan Chapline at 17-17 Troutman
Jessica Hargreaves at 55 Meadow Street
Rachel Walker studio on Jefferson Street
More from Rachel Walker


From Meryl Meisler’s “Bushwick Chronicle” at Stout Projects


Memorization Artist Evan Daniel, writing pie / 3.14 from memory for 8 hours at Cathouse Funeral on Ten Eyck Street


Sophia Chizuco at 203 Harrison Place
Tiny A/C spotted at 44 Stewart Ave
Ben Boothy at 55 Meadow Street


From Mextasis “Primer Capitulo” at 476 Jefferson Street


Niki Lederer

Friends’ works in “Making History” at David & Schweitzer Contemporary

Loren Munk in “Making History” at David & Schweitzer Contemporary



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